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Queen Mary 2 In River Mersey

Today the magnificent cruise liner the Queen Mary 2 docked in the River Mersey. I captured a few photos of the huge liner, positioning myself down on Egremont Promenade in Seacombe, Wirral. Despite the windy, cold and grey day there were many onlookers and photographers enjoying the rare view.

The QM2 is one the largest cruise liners ever built and I gather when she was constructed in 2004 she was at that time the largest liner in the world. You can read more about this magnificent liner at the official website – note these facts about her too.

Great to see such a fantastic vessel in the River Mersey!

Bauhinia In Mersey

bauhinia ship

I was lucky enough to be on a Mersey ferry just as the Bauhinia was being guided out of the River Mersey. As I mentioned the other day she’s the biggest ship seen in the Mersey and she was in the river at the same time as HMS Ark Royal.

Although the ship looks big in the photo, only seeing for real do you appreciate just how big the ship actually is. How much steel went into constructing the ship and moreso how much did it all cost?

Biggest Ship In Mersey Due Today

The BBC reports that the biggest ever ship to enter the Port of Liverpool is due to berth later today.

The Bauhinia, which weighs 158,000 gross tonnes, will berth in Tranmere Oil Terminal at 1500 GMT, carrying a cargo of crude oil from West Africa.┬áThe vessel is 8,000 tonnes heavier than previous record holder, the Nisa, which berthed into the River Mersey in 1988. Apparently the ship is not fully loaded because that would make it’s draught too deep for sailing up the Mersey.

QE2 Now In Dubai

The Telegraph reports that the QE2 arrived at her new home in Dubai the other night, exactly 40 years to the day after she first set sail.

Recently seen in the River Mersey (photo credit), the famous liner is to be converted into a luxury hotel after being purchased for $100million by the Dubai state-run Nakheel company.

Doesn’t she look huge in this photo berthing next to the Liver Building?