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Mersey Palm Oil Plant Go-ahead

Expect to see more tankers in the River Mersey carrying palm oil in the future as the Port of Liverpool will house a new palm oil plant.

London based New Britain Palm Oils has got the go-ahead to build the plant on a six-acre site near Regent Road, Bootle. Initially, 28 jobs will be created, with perhaps more to follow. New Britain will ship the oil from its plantations in Papua, New Guinea, to the Port of Liverpool, from where it will be transported to the new facility.

Palm Oil is used in thousands of everyday food and non-food products including:

  • bread
  • biscuits
  • margarine
  • cosmetic products

Norfolkline Mersey Schedule Unaffected

Ferry operator Norfolkline is to reduce services across its operations in moves to reduce costs due to the ongoing recession. The company is making  and is withdrawing services from Heysham in Lancashire as well as the North Sea. The operators Merseyside sailings will not be affected and daily sailings from Twelve Quays to Belfast and Dublin will continue as usual. The company revealed last year that plans to invest millions on the routes from Birkenhead had been hit by the downturn, including the recession in Ireland and a huge backdated rates bill.

This week Norfolkline’s owner Maersk said drastic moves were necessary. Ferry division managing director Kell Robdrup said:

Discussions on the impact on staff are ongoing, but unfortunately it looks like it will be impossible to avoid redundancies in connection with this tonnage reshuffle.

The reduction of tonnage on the North Sea and Irish Sea is in line with our current initiatives to optimise our operations and adapting to the market. Through rationalisation of our resources, Norfolkline will remain competitive in the face of a difficult market situation.


Wine By Canal

In October 2007, Tesco became the first major retailer to start transporting wine by canal – the Manchester Ship Canal to be exact.

Barges are used to ferry bulk containers (holding 24,000 litres) of wine between Liverpool and Manchester along the Ship Canal that starts at Eastham, Wirral, where locks are used to seal off the tidal estuary of the River Mersey. Using the canal enables Tesco to take 50 lorries off the road every week, saving almost 700,000 road miles each year and cuts carbon emissions by 80%.

In Victorian times, wine from Europe would arrive at Liverpool in wooden barrels and be transported along Britain’s canal network. Today, the wine arriving by sea at Liverpool comes from Australia, California, Chile and Argentina.

The wine is transported along the 40 mile canal three times a week from Eastham to a bottling plant near Manchester.