Biggest Ship In Mersey Due Today

The BBC reports that the biggest ever ship to enter the Port of Liverpool is due to berth later today.

The Bauhinia, which weighs 158,000 gross tonnes, will berth in Tranmere Oil Terminal at 1500 GMT, carrying a cargo of crude oil from West Africa. The vessel is 8,000 tonnes heavier than previous record holder, the Nisa, which berthed into the River Mersey in 1988. Apparently the ship is not fully loaded because that would make it’s draught too deep for sailing up the Mersey.

4 thoughts on “Biggest Ship In Mersey Due Today”

  1. I always thought the 200.000 ton Milo in the 1960s was the first that unloaded part of its oil offshore and was able to come to Tranmere oil jetty to unload the remaining cargo of oil.

      1. My Grandad was Captain on the lead tug bringing it in. It waited two days for winds to calm down before it came down the Mersey. Not that they couldn’t cope it was just due to the amount of publicity surrounding it they didn’t want anything to go wrong.

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